"The University of Mary exists to serve the religious, academic and cultural needs of the people in this region and beyond."

Protestant Pastor Coming to Live on Campus

At the corporate faculty meeting on March 24, Monsignor James Shea announced that the University of Mary has officially hired a Baptist pastor to work and live on campus starting this coming August. Rev. Kerry Bender.



Clothesline Project Returns to U-Mary
Clothesline Project Returns to U-Mary

This three day event referred to as, the Clothesline Project, is one of the various events that University of Mary social work students have prepared during the month of April to raise awareness about sexual assault.

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Voter Turnout for StuGov Election Skyrockets

For the first time in four years, the University of Mary’s Student Government election had two candidates vying for the office of student-body president and vice president.

Course Evalutations

No, they're not junk mail. They are the course evaluations that will soon be finding their way into every University of Mary student’s email inbox.

Bike 2 Believe

It started as a simple idea that set into motion one of the biggest fundraisers that any U-Mary student has ever conducted.

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Big Changes here on campus

As the school year inches closer and closer toward its end, things at the University of Mary keep changing. 



Throughout the course of history, human hands have been responsible for writing down and documenting the things we say, think, and hear. They are the middle-man of language. They provide a way of making our thoughts more tangible, more real. But recently, in the last 15 to 20 years, our hands, our thumbs, and our language have drastically changed from what they once were.


Falls Sports in Spring Ball

August might be five months away, but that hasn’t stopped the University of Mary fall sports teams from training day in and day out for their upcoming seasons. 

April Sports Updates & Stats

A sports update including statistics as of 4/12.

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Soccer In Spain

The University of Mary women’s soccer team is preparing for their week-long trip to Barcelona, Spain, during spring break of 2015. There, the Marauders will have the opportunity to bond as a team, attend a professional soccer game, play three games against local teams, and visit the beautiful tourist locations around the area.

Setting the Bar

In April of 2013, University of Mary strength and conditioning coach Michael Silbernagel took part in the Relentless powerlifting meet where he set the national record in the 242-pound weight class for total weight lifted in the deadlift, squat, and bench press events.  This year, Silbernagel took part in the same meet, but with slightly different aspirations.


Inside Llewyn Davis

The performances are noteworthy all-around, the dialogue is consistently good, and the cinematography is spectacular. 


U-Mary Athletic Training Color Run

It’s time to get COLORFUL at this year’s U-Mary Athletic Training Student Association’s color run!  The Color My Stride 5k will take place Sunday, Sep 7 at 2 p.m. on the U-Mary campus.


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